Why Carp Fishing Should Be Your New Passion

One of the most fun experiences to be found while fishing is carp fishing. What makes this experience so unique is the fish itself. You’ll love this fish, not just for the sport of it, but for putting it on the table for some delicious meals. Yum! Carp are invasive in nature, but they are also one of the most famous fish you will find when it comes to fishing. If you decide to go carp fishing, you better prepare yourself to face a fight from this fish.

Knowing The Carp Fish

Before you go carp fishing, it would be best to know a little more about this fish. Grass Carp and Silver Carp are the two most common types you will encounter. Silver Carp is the more invasive of the two. The Grass Carp likes to remain down in water most of the time. The Grass Carp is more popular to fish for, and it requires a good deal of skill to catch because of the fight it can put up.

This commonly found fish can eat just about anything that comes close to its mouth, from vegetation to small fish and insects. They don’t say no to eating injured animals or the dead bodies of other fish either.

How To Do Carp Fishing

Before you go catching this fish, you have to know that it can get quite heavy. You need to be prepared. Based on how heavy this fish can get, your equipment needs to be heavy and strong (i.e., strong line and rod). A Catfish pole is the perfect choice for Carp fishing. Another important aspect of fishing Carp is to choose the right type of bait. Not all baits are the perfect fit for how deep this fish can be in the water. Artificial lures are not be the best choice, but Sweetcorn kernels definitely are.

You can also use Cherry Tomatoes; many Anglers use it as bait for Carp fishing. Other common baits known to Anglers who like carp fishing are dough balls, bread, and similar items found in your local grocery store. Muddy water areas of rivers are a great place to find Carp, in addition to any shallow body of water. You have a lot of choices as to how you would like to fish. Go on the shore, use a boat, or simply catch your fish from a bridge.

Carp Fishing With Deer Bow

A method becoming really popular in the U.S. for Carp fishing is bow fishing. This takes fishing to a completely new level, and changes how you have been enjoying fishing all your life! Legendary baseball player Bo Jackson is one of the top admirers of this method. It is up to you to buy a bow that is specifically prepared for Carp fishing, or you can modify your deer bow for this use. Once you do, be prepared for a whole new experience in fishing, or should we say “bowing”.

Preparing for a Carp challenge includes wearing shirts that help you participate in the fight. GILLZ Performance Fishing shirts will work in harmony with your fishing experience. Fighting fish can be messy, sweaty and smelly at the days end. One of the big reasons for our shirts construction is to meet this challenge.

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To cover every detail, we added a little pocket on the inside of the shirt to carry your phone, wallet or, whatever you want close at hand but out of the way.

But, what’s most important is that you have a great time out there!