Why You Need Fish Leggings

Whether you are out there whooping the boys at fishing tournaments or you are simply happy to spend an afternoon on the boat, you need the right female fishing attire. While there are plenty of options out there for men, often the women get neglected or the choices are slim. Luckily, at Gillz Gear, we do have some options including fish leggings, and they are a must.


Reasons to Buy Fish Leggings

Leggings on a boat? The surprising answer is yes. Here are all the top reasons why you need fish leggings and you need them now.


Sun Protection

This is one of the best reasons to buy fish leggings, especially if you are always out in the sun. Spending day after day out on the water can be horrible for your skin. While most people remember their sunglasses and even their fishing hats, they too often forget that their legs need protection from the sun too. Unlike regular leggings, fish leggings have special UV protection to do just that without being bulky or hot.


Stay Clean

Fishing can certainly get messy. Even a chill day out on the boat can lead to drink spills and runaway salsa. Even if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you don’t need to have fish guts and blood all over the rest of your body. One the best reasons why you need fish leggings is to keep yourself clean. Leggings are easy to wipe off as well.


Comfortable and Stretchy

Especially if you are trying to reel in a record-breaking marlin or ready to do some crazy yoga poses, you need bottoms that are comfortable, and leggings cannot be beat. Because they are so stretchy, you can move around freely without red lines from buttons or zippers digging into your skin. Shorts can be confining so leggings are the best way to go.


Dries Quickly

There is nothing worse than having to drive home after a long day on the boat in wet shorts. It is uncomfortable and avoidable. Instead, our fish leggings in particular are designed with moisture-wicking technology to prevent this from happening. You can even swim in them with ease and they will dry quickly afterward.



Instead of wearing bulky shorts or unflattering pants, you want something that is cute and stylish. Fish leggings are a good alternative. With fishy designs like our flying tarpon capri leggings, theses bottoms are made for the fishing and boating lifestyle.


With both style and functionality, there are so many reasons to buy fish leggings, so do not wait any longer. Our fishing clothing store has the attire you need to reel in that monster fish and look great doing it.