When is the best time to go fishing?

Ask any fisherman, and you will likely get more information than you can handle. Water temperature, tide levels, sun angles, fishing depth, and seasonal changes will all be brought up. It may be the most talked about, debated, and analyzed subject for anglers.

You can spend hours looking at all the factors, but for most people, it comes down to two specific times. Both times, however, create unique challenges when choosing your fishing apparel.

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Breathe Like a Fish is proud to work with some of the best anglers in the country. These men and women know their fishing inside and out, and they expect the best from their apparel and their equipment. Bill Miller, an expert angler and one of the nation’s most popular fishing show hosts, has selected Breathe Like a Fish as one of his top apparel choices, and we are proud to be one of his sponsors.

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If you have a passion for fishing, you need top-quality gear and apparel for your favorite activity. But what about cool fishing accessories?

You can show your love for the sport of fishing with top-quality apparel from Breathe Like a Fish. We are known for our innovative fishing shirts, but we also have an excellent selection of cool accessories, including hats, decals, and a fishing mask that sets the standard for skin protection and comfort.

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Everyone wants a durable, comfortable shirt, but if you love to fish, you have specific needs for your apparel. Your fishing shirt needs to be light enough to keep you cool, but strong enough to protect you from the harmful sun. It needs to resist stains, and it needs to keep you dry and comfortable through hours on the water. 

Lucky for you, Breathe Like a Fish has created some of the most advanced fishing shirts available. Our fishing apparel is made from high-quality materials that work to keep you comfortable, cool, and dry.

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Anglers all over the country have to battle the elements. Whether it’s cold temperatures or the blazing sun, you need to have the right apparel to keep you comfortable and safe.  That’s why we created the Element Mask, an intelligently-designed fishing mask that covers your cheeks, nose, neck, and more.

The element mask is one of the most innovative pieces of fishing apparel you will ever find. How many times have you had saltwater splashed into your face? How many times have you bundled up for an early-morning fishing adventure only to have a chilly neck? How many times have you spent a day on the water and had a scorching sunburn? If you’re like most anglers, this has happened a lot, but with the Element Mask from Breath Like a Fish, you can keep your neck and face protected from all the outside elements.

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Whatever type of fish you pursue, you need to have the right gear and the right apparel. If you’re the type of angler who appreciates the best products, then make sure you have quality apparel from Breathe Like a Fish.

You’ll get a comfortable shirt that is durable, reliable, and is built from some of the most advanced materials available.

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