C.A. RichardsonCapt. C.A. Richardson is a full time fishing guide, television show host, and fishing instructor based in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. He specializes in light tackle, artificial lures, fly, and shallow water fishing for some of Florida’s most sought after game fish such as snook, trout, redfish and tarpon.

Capt. C.A. also enjoys fishing for many other types of gamefish fish as he travels the coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean filming his award winning TV show, FlatsClass TV. He targets everything from Peacock Bass to Bonefish… outside of his local waters to bring his audience the best “instructional” entertainment.

Flats Class Charters focuses on more than just catching fish. Capt. C.A.’s charters are focused on teaching you the “how to’s” of fishing so that you can take what you’ve learned on your charter and apply it to your future success as you pursue the game fish of your choice.
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C.A. RichardsonC.A. Richardson
C.A. RichardsonC.A. Richardson


Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL
Birth Date: February 21, 1965
Occupation: Host & Founder of Flats Class
Favorite Bait: Z-Man Diezel Minnowz or Mirrodine, toss up!
Favorite Place to Fish: Everglades National Park
Favorite Technique: Sight Fishing
Personal Quote: First understand your quarry then the catching gets easier
Fishing Tip: Recognize, read and then react
Current Tours Fished: Only fish tourneys that benefit kids or the environment
Number of Years Pro: 14 yrs as Pro Guide
Career Highlight: Co-hosting Flats Class with fishing icon Flip Pallot
Largest Catch 1 Day: 186lb Tarpon

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