Gillz Mask - Scales AOP High Rise Grey

  • The GillzMask™ provides ultimate protection and superior comfort throughout the day. This fishing face mask can be worn in various ways to meet your specific needs. The shaped nose bridge prevents this mask from slipping down and provides a secure fit. The 4-way stretch allows this mask to mold to your face and move with you not against you. Our patent-pending GillzVents™ – gills like side vents direct cooling air down your neck and back. Camouflage the blood, sweat and tears with our specially formulated stain resistant fabric. GillzTec® fabric is antistatic as well as liquid repellent to keep fish oils and blood from ruining the material. Don’t worry; it is also completely machine washable. The mesh mouth opening prevents sunglasses from fogging and makes it easier to speak, and our UPF 50+ fabric provides unmatched protection.

    PLEASE NOTE: Masks are non-returnable due to health concerns.
    1. Moisture Wicking GillzTec® Fabric
    2. Ventilated GillzTec® Mesh
    3. UPF 50+
    4. 4-Way Stretch
    5. Stain-resistant
    6. Anti-Fogging
    7. Machine Washable