Sun Protective GillzMask™

Voted the Most Innovative Mask on the Market
Our Patent Pending super cooling high performance GillzMask™ features GillzVents™ that channel air to your neck and down your shirt to keep you cool while virtually eliminating sunglass fog. Wear your GillzMask™ around your neck to banish buff burn created after wearing traditional tubed masks that creep up and leave tender neck skin exposed. Or when you’re ready for some reel action, simply pull your GillzMask™ up for full facial coverage from the burning sun, biting bugs or stinging rain.

GillzMask’s are 100% machine washable. GillzTec™ fabric is moisture wicking, anti-microbial, stain resistant, UPF 50+ and anti-static. Our comfortable GillzTech™ fabric with its UPF50+ protection provides all of the fun, none of the sun.