Men's Elite Mask "Mahi DPM"

We've reinvented the mask by listening to the most common issues faced when you choose to wear one. Thanks to our Advanced Ventilation System (AVS) those problems of glasses fogging up or that hot, moist air building up in your mask are gone. With comfort, fit, and feel all taken to a new level featuring a UPF 50+ Polyester cooling fabric and ergonomic nose and back of head shaping with non-slip silicone tabs to prevent hoods moving across the top of the head and to keep that mask in place. This Gillz Elite Mask is going to be in every bag you pack from backcountry snow trips to offshore fishing adventures. 

  • UPF 50+ Polyester Cooling Fabric
  • Advanced Ventilation System (AVS)
  • 360- Degree Mesh Ventilation
  • Non-Slip Silicone Tabs
  • Ergonomic Nose and Back of Head Shaping