More than just fishing sunglasses, and more than meets the eye! We are proud to offer the GillzLenz: A lens that’s made to endure the harsh elements and protect you so you can keep your eye on the prize.

It’s all about the water performance with the new Gillz Polarized collection. Amazing comfort, superior optics designed to be used on the water, and the highest level of sun protection available in a lens. Designed by avid fishers, for avid fishers.


 - Top quality polarized film technology for stunningly clear and comfortable vision
 - Maximum glare reduction achieved via backside anti-reflective coating and front-side flash mirrors
 - Aspheric lens design to limit peripheral distortion
 - Color options designed for the variety of light conditions found offshore, on the flats, lake, or stream

    Browse our selection of sunglasses and get them shipped to you directly. Do you still need to keep the sun out of your eyes? We’ve got you covered. Check out our selection of premium fishing hats! Be sure to get your UV protect fishing t shirt to sum it up, as well.

    Full protection, all the time: Gillz Gear!

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